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An established provider of tuition and enrichment programmes for over 10 years, Wright’s classes are highly interactive, adaptive and flexible to suit each student’s needs. Our students have greatly benefitted from the guidance of our passionate teachers both academically and on a personal level.

Managed by The Wright Group, Wright Education, Graducation Education Services & SG Camps aim to

Prepare Leaders of Tomorrow

Our Centre


At Wright, we do more than just positively impact our students.

We recognize that we have been blessed with the world’s best education system in Singapore and in turn, strive to be a blessing to our global community. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is an important part of who we are. As facilitators of a classroom for both local and international students, we seek to support, educate and empower students and fellow teachers with the knowledge to become responsible educational contributors themselves. 

Committed to actively contributing to our community, our two focus areas as agents of positive change include supporting orphanages in Asia and doing what we do best – Teaching! Our passion in education runs deep as we continually seek opportunities to share what we know and learn what we don’t in various Teaching Initiatives with teachers around the world! As we strive to do our small part to foster a sense of global community, we believe that our passion in education can drive change.