I attended classes at Wright Education from Year 2014 to 2017 for Mathematics and Science. Teacher Winsur has a lot of patience in teaching Mathematics and he always made lessons very enjoyable.

Without him, I wouldn’t have passed my mathematics in the N and O levels. He is always very concerned about our wellbeing and how we are coping in school. Not forgetting the lame jokes he makes just to entertain us from our long day at school.

Teacher Winnie taught me science last year for my O’s. I joined Wright’s Science classes in mid August. I was failing my science terribly scoring F9 but after attending her Science lessons, I managed to scored B3 for my O levels. I’m truly blessed to have her as my Science tutor. Teacher Winnie never gives up on her students because she believes that we can excel given our own potential.

Last but not least, Wright Teachers taught me many useful things. I have made many good memories at Wright and they are like a family to me! I have never regretted trusting them with my studies.