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Lessons are segregated into various sections to cover the latest MOE syllabus. This programme targets the English Language requirements of the National Examinations by enhancing our student’s critical thinking skills and developing their ability to express their ideas effectively. Additionally, our creative writing practices are also designed to equip students with proficient writing skills.


Wright’s Primary Math lessons are aimed at helping students using special techniques to solve challenging, heuristics and Mensa-styled (IQ) questions under an allotted time. Wright’s students will be exposed to extensive math concepts that are inline with the current Primary school syllabus.


Our in–house Primary Science curriculum strives to inculcate our student’s critical thinking necessary to conquer process skills examination questions. Our teachers are trained to guide students into tackling data-based questions and to equip them with the skills necessary to ace the school and national examinations.

Secondary Subjects


Wright’s Secondary English curriculum is specially developed in accordance with current MOE directives. Adopting a thinking skills approach, our classes aim to nurture critical thinkers by exposing students to general knowledge and current affairs based questions. By doing so, students are able to master the English language and excel in all aspects of the O-level examination.


Our Math program is designed to help students master mathematical concepts and strategies within the new Math syllabus. Through a systematic and hands-on learning approach, the program aims to build a sound mastery of Math by accelerating the learning process.


Wright’s Lower Secondary Science program aims to help students build a strong foundation in all areas of Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Through our program, students will be able to gain general science knowledge and to tackle more challenging content when they proceed to the upper secondary school level.


Wright Education conducts different upper secondary science programs – Pure Chemistry, Pure Physics, Pure Biology and Combined Chemistry/Physics/Biology. All classes are specialized and conducted independently. Wright’s in-house Chemistry, Physics and Biology notes are specially written to ease learning and to stimulate interest in Science. Our program aims to prepare students for the GCE ‘O’ Level examination by exposing students to a wide variety of questions designed to test students thoroughly on their understanding and application of the various science concepts.


Wright’s highly sought-after POA program is specially designed to support students in their acquisition of fundamental accounting concepts through an engaging and fun way. Dubbed the best accounting program by all our students, our lessons cover extensive practices for progressive reinforcement. This program has benefitted over 1000 students!



Our GP classes aims to encourage students to explore key issues of global and local importance through extensive reading and research. Upon doing so, develop students with the ability to think critically, construct clear arguments and to communicate their thoughts in accurate language.


Wright’s H1/H2 Math classes are designed to help students acquire the advance mathematical process skills needed for problem solving. Whether it is: Functions and Graphs, Sequences and Series, Vectors, Complex Numbers, Calculus, Permutations, Combinations and Probability, Binomial, Poisson and Normal Distributions, Sampling and Hypothesis Testing or Correlation and Regression, our Math Teachers have it all covered!


Confused by VSEPR model, Entropy Changes, Gibbs Free Energy, Electrode Potentials and Organic Chemistry? Our Chemistry classes focus on revision of concepts and clarification of any existing misconceptions students may have.

IB & IP Subjects


Our IB English classes aim to develop in students the ability to engage in detailed analysis of varying texts and make relevant connections. Experience how developing a student’s powers of expression, both in oral and written communication is our forte as we promote lifelong interest in language and literature.

SL/HL Math

Wright’s IB Math course focuses on developing important mathematical concepts in a comprehensible, coherent and rigorous way. Our Math teachers encourage students to explore different mathematical ideas to excel in the Internal Assessment component of the IB course as well as develop the skills necessary to do well for the written assessment.

SL/HL Chemistry

Dreaming of achieving the much-coveted Grade 7 for IB Chemistry? Whether it is the Internal or External Assessment, our chemistry experts got you covered! Expect engaging classes and in-depth learning materials as you work your way with us towards achieving what less than 7% IB candidates achieve – Grade 7!