Dear Teacher Winnie,

we were very sceptical when Clarence wanted to have tuition at Wright Education and after his Trial lesson, we were astonished by his enthusiasm when he was sharing with us. He has also never complained about going for tuition despite his very hectic school schedule.

Most importantly, I think it’s your unique way of communicating, treating them more like friends rather than students. Sharing your own experiences has also inspired him and I strongly acknowledge that you are more than just a teacher to him. He often shares with us about you, which is something that is missing in the past. We then began to see his interest and effort towards his studies, particularly on these subjects – Math, Physics & Chemistry that are under your guidance.

Still, both my wife and I were not expecting such good grades for his ‘O’ level as we thought that he started too late. We can never be grateful enough towards you for inspiring him.

As parents, the joy of our kids’ achievements are beyond words and we very much like to say a BIG THANK you and we wish you every success.