Glenn joined Wright Education when he was in P4. He started off with one subject and over time expanded to English group session a year later. Teacher Angel is very understanding and she guided him in steps to ensure learning takes place. She has made Science easier to understand using experiential approach and moved on to specimen papers when Glenn reached a good level of understanding. Glenn’s grade for Science excelled tremendously with her constant positive reinforcement.

Teacher Winnie heads the English group classes. When Glenn first started in a group class, he was reserved and unsure about the flow and dynamics in a new setting. However, with Teacher Winnie’s humorous teaching method, it spurred his interest – picking up various phrases and thereafter expanded his vocabulary. He used to be weak in Composition but scored an A for English in his PSLE and came in first in class for his common test in his first year in Secondary level. His form teacher mentioned that he had achieved the best score between the two classes he has taught. Over the years in the group class, he has grown to be a confident speaker. He was given an opportunity to go on the stage to deliver a speech about his learning journey in the primary school years. In class, he now comes forward and share his ideas and raise his hands more often than before. Teacher Winnie’s positive and jovial attitude piqued his interest in the subject. Her warm energy spreads to other students too.

Glenn is now in Secondary 1 and he took up Math with Teacher Winsur since January. He’s equally happy under the wing of his new math tutor. He’s impressed with how Sec 1 math can be made easier by Teacher Winsur and is more receptive and attentive during his lessons.
Sending Glenn to Wright Education is the best choice we’ve made. We are very thankful for the group of tutors at Wright. Glenn has excelled both academically and socially over the years. The improvements for various subjects were evident over the past 3 years and the results at present stays uphill. Thank You Wright Education for making learning a wonderful experience for Glenn!